csc170_syllabusI taught a course, “Introduction to Computers and Applications” at Adelphi University.  This was a required course for all students.  The course focused on computer hardware and software, basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, online tools, and web site design.  Click on the link, Introduction to Computers and Their Applications Syllabus, to view the syllabus.

I created an online course on the basics of electronic portfolio design.  This course is designed to be taught in the Blackboard learning management system.  The purpose of this course is to teach students how to highlight skills and experiences they have, display them in an ePortfolio, and reflect on them.  Clink on the following link, Introduction to Electronic Portfolio Design – Course Syllabus, to view the document.

I worked with a professor, Diane Paravazian, who was teaching Discover New York.  She wanted a way for students to explore an area of New York City and present information about the culture of that area.  She did not want students to use PowerPoint.  I helped her choose the technology for the project and gave a lesson to students on how to use that technology.  The technology that was used was Glogster, a collage making tool that allows for text, images, audio, video, and links.  Click on the following link, Constructing a Space for Learning about Languages in New York City, to see the assignment document.

I created this rubric to assess student electronic portfolios.  Click the following link, Introduction to Electronic Portfolio Design Final Project Rubric, to see the document.

This is an example of a final project that I gave in a course I was teaching.  The objective of the project was to create a web site.  Click click on the link, Final Project Specifications, to see the document.


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